Sunday, March 25, 2007

IMPEACH GONZALES? I haven't posted about the US Attorney purge--at least in part because I assume that everyone who reads this blog also tunes into Talking Points Memo and TPM Muckraker. They've owned this story from the beginning. (Links to both are at right.)

But we now have seemingly irrefutable evidence that the Attorney General lied to Congress and to the American people.

Now, I'm no impeachment scholar (a handy primer can be found here) but isn't this just the sort of case that impeachment was designed for?

Gonzales has been caught lying under oath during a congressional probe into whether US Attorneys were fired to prevent investigations (of Republicans) from going forward.

In other words, it very much appears he lied to obstruct an obstruction of justice investigation.

Admittedly, I've made a number of inferences here about Gonzales' motives and Congress will need to come to its own conclusions.

But suppose the ultimately judgment is that he deliberately misstated the facts in order to save the skin of corrupt Republicans. And suppose the President refuses to relieve him of his duties.

We're then left with a chief law enforcement officer whose been exposed as an enemy of the rule of law.

What other option besides impeachment is there?

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