Monday, December 18, 2006

COLLINS WATCH Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post weighs the prospects of Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) in 2008:
The decline and fall of Republicans in the Northeast over the past few elections bodes poorly for Sen. Susan Collins' (R) chances of avoiding a tough race in 2008. Collins has long stood in the shadow of her colleague Olympia Snowe (R) and is seen as the more vulnerable of the two Senators. Rep. Tom Allen (D) told Roll Call...that he was seriously considering a challenge to Snowe. Allen would likely be the most formidable Democrat the party could put forward. He has held the 1st district, which takes in the southern part of the state including the state capital of Augusta as well as Portland, since 1996. Allen's challenge would be to introduce himself to the voters in the state's massive 2nd district--the largest congressional district east of the Mississippi. Collins skated to victory in 2002, winning with 58 percent. Democrats won't let that happen again.
CONTRAPOSITIVE will be keeping close track of the 2008 Maine senate race as it unfolds over the next 22+ months. (For the reasons outlined in this post.)

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