Wednesday, November 08, 2006

WHAT'S NEXT There will be lots of talk, in the coming days, about healing, coming together and a new opportunity for bipartisan consensus. There was a nauseating amount of it last night on the cable news networks.

But it's all nonsense. Last night the President was delivered an electoral spanking. The Republican party was delivered a thrashing. There are a number of races still to be decided, but so far it appears that not a single Democratic senator, congressman or governor lost last night. Democrats gained seats across the board.

(I'd be curious to know how far down the ballot you have to go to find an incumbent Democrat who got the short straw--there's got to be a state auditor out there somewhere.)

So the country didn't vote for compromise and conciliation last night. It voted for a change of direction. It voted for the grown-ups to be put back in charge. And it voted for someone to push back against our incompetent, law-breaking President.

Democrats need to remember that.

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