Tuesday, November 07, 2006

SENATE THREAD 5:53pm--Gearing up. Read this thread from the top down. We'll be checking in all night.

7:08--Say hello to Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT).

7:52--Webb down early in VA. He's stronger in the north, where results are expected later rather than earlier.

8:02--Webb pulls slightly ahead in early-going. Good news for him to be up this early given that urban districts tend to lag in their reporting.

8:14--Daily Kos says that Sherrod Brown (D) has unseated Senator Mike DeWine in Ohio. Expected, but the first pick-up of the night for Dems in the senate.

8:27--Santorum goes down--so says MSNBC. That's two.

8:38--That was fast: CNN and Fox News are calling NJ for Menendez. Phew. Does it bode well for Dems?

9:12--Lieberman wins? So says MSNBC.

9:18--Cardin wins in MD, according to MSNBC. Good news for Democrats that it could be called with so few votes counted.

9:57--According to Drudge, Webb seems to be closing in VA: Down about 3000 votes with about 12% to go. Hold on tight.

10:47--Michael Barone on Fox News says VA senate race may be headed for a recount--a finish with less than .5% difference between the candidates, according to David Shuster on MSNBC.

10:57--Webb down by just under 14,000 votes with 4.5% of precincts left to report.

11:09--Webb cuts the lead to 12,500 with 3.7% remaining.

11:22--Allen lead cut to 7700 with 2.7% of precincts remaining. Yowser.

11:28--Allen lead down to about 4700 votes with approximately 2.6% of precincts to go.

11:49--Allen lead trickling down to 3200 with 2.3% of precincts remaining.

11:53--Webb up in VA by 2500 votes with 1% remaining? So says CNN, but those numbers are running ahead off the official-unofficial count. Hmm...

12:20--Webb remains up 2000+ votes with 100% reporting. We're in recount territory, and I'm off to bed.

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