Tuesday, October 03, 2006

TOO TRUE Billmon says
I think there's a long post, if not a book, to be written about...the Jeckyll-and-Hyde split between appearances and reality in 21st century America--the America where prostitutes pose as journalists (or vice versa), "Christian" activists lobby for legalized torture, generals swagger like Rambo in front of the cameras but cringe before their civilian masters in private, libertarian law professors write secret memos justifying the creation of a police state, sworn enemies of big government gorge themselves on pork, vomit, then gorge some more, and U.S. Senators with the racial values of a klavern leader masquerade as "compassionate conservatives."


Collectively, all these coincidences have given a whole new national meaning to the phrase "in the closet." Congressman Foley, it seems, had a foot in both.

It would take a Truman Capote or a Theodore Dreiser to do this story justice--not just Rep. Foley's story, but also the insane and occasionally tragic comedy of secrets this country has become.

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