Thursday, August 31, 2006

ALLEN FOLLOW-UP Washington Jewish Week asks the question that the gentile press is apparently afraid to touch:
We know that Sen. George Allen's mother is French-Tunisian, but [Forward writer] E.J. Kessler says that the Virginia Republican's mother was born Jewish.

A campaign spokesperson, however, tells us that Allen's mom "is of French, Italian and some Spanish descent, but we're not aware of any Jewish ancestry in her background."


The campaign spokesperson, Dick Wadhams, told WJW that Etty Allen was "raised in a Christian home." He didn't know what denomination.
It's helpful, I suppose, to get this denial on the record. But the denial itself raises more questions than it answers.

Among them: Now that Senator Allen (R-VA) has been confronted with evidence of his Jewish ancestry, what's his reaction? Does he accept the evidence?

More to the point: Why has Allen avoided speaking to the issue thus far? What downside could there possibly be to acknowledging that he has Jewish roots?

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