Thursday, June 15, 2006

JOEMENTUM SLOWS I alluded briefly to the Connecticut senatorial primary in my last post before I left for vacation.

Three weeks later, my sense is that it's still not widely understand that Senator Joe "three way tie for third place" Lieberman is in a heap of trouble.

Not insurmountable trouble. Not brink-of-extinction trouble. But it's still serious: The latest poll shows challenger Ned Lamont down a measly six points. (Margin of error: 7 points.)

Lieberman might fare better as an independent--and he's widely believed to be weighing an independent bid. But even in that scenario, he's still not a sure thing.

LamontBlog is your (admittedly biased) source for information on the race. And you can find out more about Ned Lamont here.

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