Friday, September 02, 2005

TAQUERIA CORONA ON MY MIND I've resisted writing about Hurricane Katrina--there's so much to say, and so little--but as the tragedy stretches into its seventh day, I've found the news as dispiriting as everyone else.

I spent some time in New Orleans in 1999, working on that city's edition of a short-lived travel guide series.

More or less right out of college, I was on my second paid writing gig--a gig that consisted, chiefly, of visiting restaurants, bars, jazz clubs, museums, and just generally drinking in the city's ambiance. So it's no surprise that New Orleans has a special place in my memory.

In these last few days, I find my thoughts drifting back, in particular, to Croissant D'Or, Peristyle, the Funky Butt, Taqueria Corona and Napoleon House. And the Southern Rep.

Speaking of the Southern Rep: The theatre company (the city's premier theatre institution) recently announced an ambitious lineup for its 2005-6 season, including two world premieres, two recent plays by young American writers (Diana Son's STOP KISS and David Lindsay-Abaire's KIMBERLY AKIMBO) and a revival of A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE by native son Tennessee Williams.

According to the (pre-hurricane) schedule, the first play of the season is slated to begin on October 5.

Learn how to donate to the Southern Rep here.

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