Thursday, April 28, 2005

BUSH IN PRIME TIME Let's hope the President faces some tough questions tonight. A few I'd like to hear:
1. According to the State Department, there were 175 terrorist incidents in 2003--a record at the time. In 2004, the number of incidents more than tripled to 675. What new steps have you taken in recent months, outside of Iraq, to win the war on terror?

2. The country is running up massive deficits. Yet you have failed to veto a single spending bill since you took office in 2001. What steps are you taking to restore fiscal discipline?

3. Tony Perkins, of the Family Research council, believes that judicial review was "never envisioned by the Founders." Majority Leader Tom DeLay also seems to hold this view. Do you agree with Perkins and DeLay?

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