Sunday, February 27, 2005

MOVIE OF THE MONTH It isn't up for any Academy Awards tonight, and it grossed just short of $900,000 at the US box office, but INTERMISSION was surely one of the best English-language films to hit theaters this year.

Some viewers may balk at that description, or at least the English-language part of it: The script, by up-and-coming playwright Mark O'Rowe, is written in a colloquial Dublin-speak that makes no concessions to international audiences, and so the dialogue may be impenetrable to some American viewers.

But if you turn up your TV volume and watch aggressively, you'll be rewarded with a smart, fun, genre-busting ensemble film with great performances and some big laughs.

CONTRAPOSITIVE is edited by Dan Aibel. Dan's a playwright. He lives in New York City.