Wednesday, January 19, 2005

MOVIES OF THE MONTH New York-based readers take note: A double-bill of two wonderful, rarely-seen Scorcese documentaries lands at Film Forum for a short run starting this weekend.

ITALIANAMERICAN takes the form of an extended interview with Scorcese's parents, but the piece adds up to much more than an exercise in navel-gazing nostalgia. (Scorcese once called it, "the best film I ever made.")

AMERICAN BOY, an innovative and bizarre film, takes as its subject actor and roadie Steven Prince: Over the course of an hour, the draft-dodger and ex-junkie works his way through a serious of lunatic anecdotes and recollections as Scorcese peppers him with questions. In the end, it's almost impossible to figure out how much of Prince's story ought to be believed.

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