Tuesday, December 07, 2004

A QUESTION Check out this candy bar from the UK:

What is the meaning of this, exactly?

UPDATE: Okay, here's a pretty thorough discussion of the Yorkie "It's Not For Girls" marketing campaign.

Eyebrow-raising quotes about the Nestle-sponsored sales pitch can be found in this .PDF document. Among them:

The Four-page Yorkie supplement poked fun at the differences between men and women. The wrap featured a Bill of Male Rights and two definitive lists...

Top Ten Things Women Can't Do
- Make a decision.
- Watch football without talking.
- Drive in a straight line.
- Use ten words when a hundred will do.
- Open a can unaided.
- Use a urinal.
- Own a pet spider.
- Speak on the phone for less than 15 minutes.
- Understand cricket.
- Buy a Yorkie.

Top Ten Reasons To Be A Bloke
- One mood--all the time.
- You can go to the bathroom by yourself.
- You get to buy gadgets.
- You don't have to clean your flat before the cleaner comes.
- Mechanics don't lie to you.
- You can change a plug.
- Grey hair adds to your sex appeal.
- The first thing you try on in a shop fits you.
- You can read maps.
- You get to eat a Yorkie.
There's also this:
50,000 complimentary Yorkie bars were given out to male Metro [newspaper] readers, who were delighted to get a free chunky bar of Yorkie with their regular copy of Metro.

Female readers were politely refused a Yorkie bar by Metro's promotional staff, who apologised and informed them that "It's Not for Girls!"

Puzzled looks turned to genuine amusement when female Metro readers saw the ad for Yorkie on the front cover--a big No Women sign alongside Yorkie's slogan.
Yeah--I'm sure they thought it was hilarious!

Does it mean I can't take a joke if I don't find the campaign all that funny?

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