Tuesday, November 16, 2004

RICE FLASHBACK At the risk of beating a dead horse, let's return one last time to Condoleeza Rice's conception of justice:
BLITZER: To justice? The guy [nuclear bombmaker and proliferator A. Q. Khan] has been -- Khan has been freed. He's been pardoned by President Musharraf... Khan himself lives in a villa. And the IAEA would like to question him, and the Pakistani government doesn't even allow that to happen.

RICE: I think we all know that A.Q. Khan was a particular kind of figure in Pakistani lore, a national hero... if you don't think that his national humiliation is justice for what he did, I think it is. He's nationally humiliated.
Also in her favor: She was part of the crew that alienated the world during the first term! A bonus! (More Rice gems here and here.)

If this was an episode of THE SIMPSONS, right about now would be when Homer shouts:

And I'll never get my comeuppance! Do you hear me? No comeuppance!

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