Wednesday, September 08, 2004

POLL ROUNDUP Rassmussen Reports posts a short piece critiquing last week's Time and Newsweek polls--the ones showing a double-digit Bush lead.

(The upshot, according to Rassmussen, is that Bush is up 4 or 5 points nationally, rather than 11 or 12.)

Meanwhile, poll guru Ruy Teixera over at Donkey Rising draws attention to recent Gallup results suggesting that Kerry has expanded his lead in the states that matter most--the battleground "purple" states.

Prior to the Republican convention, Kerry had a one point lead among RVs (47-46) in the battleground states. After the Republican convention, now that battleground voters have had a chance to take a closer look at what Bush and his party really stand for, Kerry leads by 5 in these same states (50-45)! Note that Kerry gained three points among battleground voters, while Bush actually got a negative one point bounce.
Of course, everyone knows that Bush got a sizable convention "bounce"--so don't expect to see this story reported in the mainstream media...

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