Monday, January 26, 2004

In Other News An important work by an under-produced playwright will get its New York premiere in early February: Sarah Kane's CLEANSED will receive a workshop from February 9th-11th and 16th-18th. the committee is producing.

All performances are at 8pm at 66 Wooster Street. Tickets are $10. (Call 212-966-4844 for reservations.)

I can't vouch for the company or the production, but I can vouch for the play--it's disturbing and powerful. It's also the bleakest work for the stage I've ever read.

And with stage directions like, "He forces Carl to the ground and cuts off his feet," and , "The rats carry Carl's feet away," it's no wonder that the critic at the Guardian in London called it, "One of the most repellent experiences of my theatre-going life."

A fascinating piece by an extraordinary writer.

But it's not for the squeamish. Consider yourself warned.

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