Saturday, January 10, 2004

A Bit of Perspective "There is a disconnect between all the hand wringing among Democratic insiders and the scene in recession-staggered New Hampshire, where Clinton's troubles seem to have helped him find a more personal voice. To him, all the worry [about his candidacy] in Washington seems suspiciously like raging self-interest. 'It wouldn't surprise me,' he told U.S. News last week, 'if people that don't know me very well would prefer to have one of their own [as the nominee]."--Gloria Borger, writing for Newsweek exactly eleven years and eleven months ago, smack in the middle of the Gennifer Flowers episode.

Bill Clinton is (and was) a much more talented politician than Howard Dean. But in the early days of 1992, he was in a far more precarious position than Dean is in today.

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