Monday, March 19, 2007

JEFFERSON MAYS IS AN ACTOR There are a number of very good reasons to see the excellent revival of JOURNEY'S END now on Broadway. But Jefferson Mays' performance as Private Mason tops my list.

It's hard to call it a leading role--and it might seem like a strange professional choice for an actor on the heels of a career-making turn in I AM MY OWN WIFE.

But that only makes the achievement more impressive: Mays delivers an unostentatious, utterly selfless reading of the role that blends seamlessly into the fabric of the play. It may not win him any awards, but it's the kind of performance that makes going to the theatre worthwhile.

Half price tickets--often for very good seats--have been available for most recent performances at the TKTS booths.

UPDATE: Via Stark Sands Online we learn that JOURNEY''S END may be closing sooner than later. Looks like it'll be around for at least the next two weeks, but perhaps not much longer than that.

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