Sunday, April 16, 2006

BAD IDEA OF THE DAY Via the New York Times we learn:
This month, [Councilman Peter F. Vallone Jr., of Queens] the chairman of the Council's Public Safety Committee, introduced another measure that he calls a lesson in Parenting 101: Children under the age of 10 would not be allowed in movie theaters after 10 p.m., to safeguard both the welfare of the children and the enjoyment of the other moviegoers.
I can understand why a theater chain might adopt this sort of policy, although it seems like a terrible idea. (Where's the threat to safety--or the enjoyment of other moviegoers--in a well-behaved nine-year-old attending a 9pm screening of THE BENCHWARMERS?)

But whatever your view of the policy, does it really make sense to give this kind of regulation the force of law? Do we really want the government, let alone the New York City council, deciding when kids should be home and in bed?

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